The Only 4 Ways To Build Muscle


exercise in order for muscle to grow, it first needs
to be “stimulated” and that requires exercise.
The correct form of exercise also produces important hormones and growth factors, that
will build muscle.
And in order to do this, you need to lift weights.
Now, this can be with dumbbells, barbells, cables, machines or your own bodyweight.
It doesn’t matter.
● You should exercise 3-4x weekly, no more.
● Keep your workouts to about 45 minutes or less.
● Work quickly, with about 60-90 seconds rest between sets.
● Squeeze the muscle, don’t just lift it.
feel it.
Contract it.
Be strict.
Go for a good pump.
● You should do about 6-15 repetitions for your upper body and 10-20 reps for lower body.
● Go close to failure on your sets.
Maybe 1 rep short.
● Do about 6-10 total sets per muscle.
● Mix things up and try various different exercises and reps – see what works for your body.
● Be patient.
Everything I’ve stated has to do with optimizing your anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth
peptides, etc.) and minimizing your catabolic hormones (cortisol, adrenal hormones, etc.)
Okay, now that you’ve stimulated the muscle, have produced the right hormones, it’s time
to feed your muscles.


diet if you don’t feed your muscles, the workouts
will cause you to LOSE muscle.
In fact, this is what happened to me when I first started.
I thought I’d lift weights to make my muscles grow and then eat less food to lose fat.
But all I did was get smaller and weaker.
I was like anorexic.
However, you don’t need that much extra food.
Increase your calories by about 250-500 daily and see how you look and feel after a month.
If you’re not getting fat, then good.
If you are, lower the calories a little.
This has to do with your body, so listen to it, pay attention.
As far as what to eat.
Okay… this is where all the confusion comes.
Most people eat way too much protein.
The people tell you to eat more and more protein, are selling you protein supplements … or, they’re idiots.
Listen – the time you’re growing the fastest in life is when you’re a baby – right?
And mother’s milk is only 5% protein.
One cup has only 2.5 grams of protein – the rest is fat and carbs.
With that said, the most you’ll ever need is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.
So if you weigh 150 lbs, you need 150 grams.
nothing more, got it!
Hell, this even includes guys who are taking a ton of steroids.
You protein should come from grass fed bison, salmon, whole eggs, whey isolate and collagen protein.
These are my favorites.
Whatever you do, no processed meats.
Next, you need fats.
Most people don’t eat enough good fats and/or are eating too much of the bad fats.
Your diet should be about 25% fat, from healthy sources such as coconut, olive, macadamia nut oils… raw nuts and seeds (no peanuts and or cashews) … and avocados are good too.
Finally, you need carbohydrates.
Stay away from processed carbs and simple sugars.
Eat vegetables, white rice (not brown), yams, sweet potatoes, small amounts of fruits, legumes and other whole grains.
Simple, easy and effective.

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